Kingdom Shield of Faith Words of Light


Minister/Pastor I. Ryan Garcia/Pastor John T. Martin/Pastor Micah B. Boughman/
Pastor King B. Johnson/Bob Dewille/Patricia Smith/King Johnson/

Our Roads, our paths have been destined for this time as we share the LOVE we have for JESUS CHRIST.

We are here for its Almighty GOD that has put it in my Heart to say Thank You for those that want to
go forth into knowing that our Tears flowing down our Eyes are those that HE has put in our Souls as mine is today.

Today has been a touching day in my Life, HE is teaching me that without HIM I'm lost,
but with HIM eternal life in HIS Kingdom, and Glory will be there Today or Tomorrow 
when HE steps back onto this Earth that HE has loaned us.

HE has been waiting forever for Many of Us, so let's Pray during this Moment to Bring HIS Light upon

YOU, the one SEARCHING.....

© Minister/Pastor I. Ryan Garcia